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Monday, October 31, 2011

Before you accuse me of being a celebrity stalker...

...judge by seeing for yourself how "Tribute to Johnny Depp" got created.

"Tribute to Johnny Depp"

You may wonder how I'm coming up with ideas for various panels. Actually, I'm coming not up with anything - THEY are. That's right: the panels pretty much design themselves.

All it takes is a bag o' beads and **pop** the lightbulb goes on in my head via remote switch from the holey little balls.

Take for example the Johnny Depp panel.

I had the gray Faux Pearls for several years, and they just sat there, waiting to be recognized for their beauty and meaning. Of course I could have made a panel incorporating these pearls, but it would just not have made the cut in the creativity department.

So when "Pirates of the Caribbean" was at its popular pinnacle, the connection between black pearls and the movies were more of a superconductor reaction than a trailer hitch hook-up.

Throw in a frequent color theme from the series, and you can easily see how gray-on-gray with some turquoise-blue and weathered wood could be just what this theme was screaming for. Consider it the best match in order to capture the overall impression of the flick.

But what would be a movie without a star? Off I went to the toy store, and the best available choice was this newer version of Capt. Jack Sparrow, complete with a "magic" black light ring that would show his skeleton when activated. Awesome!

And as in many good movies, you should throw in a little romance: in the upper left quarter is a black pearlized heart that is there for the discerning viewer for a little humor and good measure.

Curious how a panel is made? See it here >>

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