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Friday, October 28, 2011

About being not irreplaceable... contraire: I do believe that there are many individuals that are more qualified in certain areas of expertise than I am.

Yesterday I was inadvertently made aware of that. Being somewhat active in online social networks, I had posted my most recent section of the Neverending Necklace on facebook.
Shortly thereafter, I had gotten a comment which described that section as being "cutesy".

Not that it crushed me (only very few things can do that, if any), but that word is dreaded in my vocabulary when speaking of the necklace.

But I have to admit that the person posting it is right. And I am VERY happy for that, because he is a respected artist and ranks high in my personal scale for having a secure style.

It was a catalyst for pushing ahead and relaxing the restraining reigns of "Ingy Control". (I'll explain shortly)

The Neverending Necklace was never meant to be an archaically serious project, but rather fun and light-spirited. It also never was supposed to be my monopoly to determine its appearance. It just worked out that way over the years and it became settled comfortably in that groove.

The comment on facebook ignited a spark inside my very core that kept eating its way out. On a hunch, I had asked the commentor whether he'd like to design a section himself, and it looks like he's taking me up on the offer. (I do hope that)

A proverbial bucket of worms got opened and I can't seem to rein them back in and reseal it.

That's good.

A fresh wind to blow out the halls of stuffiness is very welcome.

And so I am asking (publicly and openly) for assistance from creative people. If you would like to actually design a panel for the Neverending Necklace, just drop me a line.

I believe that you will represent a beautiful addition to the Neverending Necklace!

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