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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have conquered Burj Khalifa!

For a long time, surpassing the height of this magnificent tower was a big and very motivating goal.
Just yesterday I accomplished making a necklace longer than this building's height.
Once you look at this skyscraper, you realize just how far it reaches into the atmosphere.
Visit it here

However, now that this first challenge has been met, I am looking for something else to be able to use as a measuring stick.

Of course, there still is the "First Mile" and that is a great goal for sure. But I'm wanting an object to compare the necklace to, something tangible. And don't you dare responding with "The Great Wall of China", because that is somewhat premature...

How about the combined fleet of a cruise line? A race track? The circumference of a city?

Any suggestions?

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