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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are You an Overachiever?

Congratulations - that's admirable! You're probably very disciplined in what you do and you work hard, either by choice or by default. We respect you.

If you're not a part of this elite group: you don't need to be.

In fact, the majority of humans that have ever trotted the earth are regular, run-of-the-mill guys, just like you and I. And that is by mathemathical law, as the Gauss' Bell Curve demonstrates.

So forgive yourself already for all the things you haven't accomplished - it wasn't meant to be (in a good way). Can you imagine if every single person would be a type A genius striving to win a Nobel Prize or become the next Head of a Country or perhaps a Megastar?

It wouldn't be possible, because a society of superhumans would lack their support base, seriously. They would be nothing without us self-proclaimed poor saps to join forces in order to lay the foundation for their success.

Just as you can easily observe in nature:
what would a beach be without every single grain of sand?

Or in society:
what would a democratic government be without the individuals who cast their votes?

What would life be without each atom that forms the necessary molecules?

Does the atom ask for recognition of its position? Not really (unless you're a Chemist...)

YOU, dear and cherished reader, have built yourself a life that does not feed on constant worship, recognition and adoration. You are as important as any matter that ever existed, and you are indelibly ingrained in the communal history of mankind.

But that does not mean that you shouldn't strive to be your best. Life should be a continuous desire for learning, improving, honing, re-inventing, adjusting.

Without being terribly famous, you should - nay: YOU MUST fulfill this personal obligation to yourself to become the very best that you were meant to be.

Of course you can't be good in all aspects - nobody can. Pick one or two areas that you feel passionate enough to pursue until you're bursting with pride. Whether that is your job, a hobby, a sport, parenting or helping others.

It doesn't matter. Condition yourself to bring out peak performance.

One or two areas of your life.

If you are a janitor, make sure you deliver the cleanest premises for your client. If you are a nurse, rethink the relationship with your patients and their needs. If you are a painter, take pride in attaining the neatest, most accurate finish that can be had. If you tend to gardens, don't quit until your project looks flawless. If you are a waitress, remember that your patrons don't come simply for the meal: they deserve your friendliest demeanor with considerate and pristine service.

That, and only that, will make you an overachiever of the best kind. And you can capture the joy as your accomplishments swell inside your soul.

Cherish that feeling!

And remember: every climber starts on the base of the mountain. Nobody starts mountaineering by being helicoptered to the top!

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