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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Mercy for America's Most Unwanted

Beads and components, that is.
Since the beginning of the Neverending Necklace in July 1998, people from everywhere have donated beads for this project. And very often, these beads sat in drawers all but forgotten.

Until a gentle soul remembered their lingering fate and had the good idea to give them new life within this novel project. You can see the names of those who have contributed here >>

Not that all donated beads were surplus: many gifted bead makers and bead dealers have donated brand new and fantastic beads because they cared enough to participate.

Take for example Inez Ancell, who painstakingly makes beaded beads using tiny beads and gigantic skill. Inez had donated beads very early on, and her beads have a very special place on the necklace. See some of them here >>

Of course there are others who donated: the late Shannon Hill, Jeri Ann and Roger Golba, Laurie Smith, Jeff Ursillo, Donna Jostiak, Jack Stamper, Cynthia Tanney, Melinda Schwartz, Terre Beasley, Wolfgang Eccarius, Audrey Quetier, Rick Baldwin, Suzie Moncada, Barbara Barry, Maria Richmond, Sara Harary, Carol Robertson, Courtney Tavares, Chris Noel, Dru Ackerman, Harriett Flashenburg and many other kind individuals.

And all those beads that are yet unstrung are already part of a design for their new section.
Without these donations, it would be very difficult to keep building on this project and it certainly would not be nearly as spectacular.

What makes it even better is the recycling aspect: great care is being taken to give all beads a meaningful new life on the Neverending Necklace.

Next in line is a section named "Grandma's Box" - which is literally what these components came from. See the picture below.

"Grandma's Box" donated by Donna Jostiak

This box is a conglomerate of parts, buttons, beads and components that came from the estate of Donna's "Grandmother-In-Law".

I always try to keep lots together, but sometimes I will break them up, depending on the design.

Hold onto your seat, because this collection is eclectic, to say the least, and I have plans to make their section as stunning as possible.

I promise it'll be very nice!

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