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Monday, March 14, 2011

There are events that can throw you off your schedule... say the least.

On last Friday was to appear a continuation of the Neverending Necklace story, but something infinitively bigger had taken precedence.
(I will continue that story in just a few days)

Japan needs us right now. Expert emergency personnel, funds, prayers, goods, services and moral support.

The Japanese need to know that the world is pulling together to help them any way possible.

And they need to know that we care. I am as sad over this catastrophe as anybody, and I would like to offer a message of encouragement and hope to those people who have lost so much.

"Dear Japanese, please be strong, keep faith in life and the earth and know that you are thought of."

We are their family now, and together we can allay their fears and soothe their emotional wounds.

There will be a long time of grieving, of cleaning up, of burying, of despair and endless tears. But Japan will rebuild the part that was taken by the earth and the sea.There will be a new beginning amid hope for a new future.

Please help me make a special panel with dedications as encouragement to those stricken by sadness and grief.

Dedicate beads to the people of Japan. It's easy and free.
Once all beads o the special panel are dedicated, I will send a list of the dedications to the Japanese Ambassador in the US.

Spread a little kindness and help comfort the victims of this tragic disaster.

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