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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So, What Do You Do With a Blog?

Not that I don't know that already, but it's a question I asked myself after I sat staring at the white and very virgin text box.

And because you don't want to read about me and my humble life (which is just like Millions of other regular lives), I hope to give you something of value.

Something that will keep you intrigued or at least entertained for a couple of fleeting moments.

I'd like to share my knowledge about pearls and beads and, of course, the Neverending Necklace.

While I have been working on making the World's longest and most endearing string of beads, I have also accumulated a wealth of information and some wisdom to boot. 

"Pearls of Wisdom" and "Beads of Knowledge", so to speak.

Grab a cup of tea, hold on tight and follow this blog. You just might find some gems along the way...

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