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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let the "Hope" Section Begin!

It was only yesterday that I had posted the idea of the beaded section for Japan, and already the first dedications came in since early this morning.

Keep the dedications coming, because it encourages me on the long and winding path to create this panel for Japan's disaster victims.

And today was when we heard the first good news: first about the heroes who sacrifice their own health and perhaps even their lives by staying with the damaged nuclear power plant. They made this decision in order to hopefully avert the worst case scenario of a meltdown, while putting themselves in harm's way so other people were spared.

Then, there was the miraculous discovery of the surviving baby and the older woman, who could be reunited with their families.

In every tragedy, there are glimpses of hope, bright shining slivers of light that defy the darkness of the past.
Let's hope there will be more good news and let's hope that people will never give up in the face of despair.

Today I started picking out the many beads that are necessary to create this special section.

A design is already in place, and this panel will be very unique. It will be the first panel that actually has the appearance of an image made entirely from beads.
Wait until it's ready - you'll like it.

But as I had mentioned, that technique requires careful planning and it is extremely time consuming.
In a careful estimate, I anticipate this section to be finished by the end of next month. (April 30th)

And I NEED your support. Dedicate beads to give this work its meaning, without your input it is only a fragment of the messenger it can be.

Dedicate your beads now, it's easy and free:

I promise I will keep you posted on all the progress!

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